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“Why Do Dealers Want My Phone Number And Email?”

Ah yes. The age-old question asked by customers around the country when a salesperson sits them down and starts writing up a prospect sheet. So why is it that dealers need to get your phone number and email address before working on a deal? I’d be happy to tell you.

Phone number: Customers hate to be nagged by salespeople over the phone. You know it, and we know it. So why do we still want your phone number?

For one thing, it’s a gesture of sincerety on the customers’ part. Think about it… would you really want to spend an hour out of your workday negotiating a $30,000 investment with someone who refused to provide a way to get in touch with them? How serious can customers be about the second-biggest purchase of their lives if they won’t allow you to follow up on the discussion?

Another good reason for providing a phone number is that it allows the dealership to keep you in touch with the current market and inventory. Since we’ve discussed your buying situation, we’ll know to call you if, for instance, we get used car in on trade that meets your needs exactly. Or, if you were a few dollars away from making a deal with us, we can call you when national marketing programs change, or when we’ve been incentivized by our ownership to squeeze a few more deals out.

We know you don’t want to be bothered with sales calls. Honestly, we don’t want to bother you either if you’re not a potential sale. Remember that if you end up purchasing somewhere else, or decide you’re out of the market, just respond to our call by saying so, and we’ll be happy to take you off our contact list.

Email address: Ok, ok… so providing a phone number benefits me, the consumer, and makes the whole process a lot easier for both parties. But what could a dealership possibly do with an email address besides fill my inbox with spam?

Firstly, we instruct our salespeople to send you an e-brochure of your vehicle of interest the minute you leave the dealership. What customer wouldn’t appreciate having just test-driven a car, and finding in their inbox a few hours later an entire brochure of that vehicle’s exterior and interior colors, features and packages, awards and reviews, along with their salesperson’s contact information and hours of dealership operation?

And yes, we do send out advertisements and special offers via email. You might get no use out of those emails, and if so, just click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of our emails, or email your salesperson to get removed from the list. But know that there is valuable information coming across in those emails… not just special offers or discounts, but updates on our Service departments, new locations, vehicle recalls and service bulletins, etc. Most dealerships don’t have the staff to make thousands of phone calls to previous customers and prospects, and again, you probably don’t want to hear that phone call anyway… so the email lets us communicate with you without interrupting your day.

Providing your phone number and email address not only makes the buying process clearer for both parties, but provides you the consumer with easy access to valuable information… and yes, it makes our job a lot easier, and allows us to have a better focus on your situation.

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