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More 2008 Dodge Challenger Eye Candy

As the new Dodge Challenger officially debuts in both the production arena and auto show circuit, mouths are really starting to water over the press release photos!

Check out the gallery below, with a mix of auto show pics, official images, and a debut video teaser. Photos courtesy of LeftLaneNews.


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The 2009 Murano Has Landed At Nissan Of Bergenfield!

One of the most awaited new models of the year (and next year) is here… the all-new 2009 Nissan Murano! Nissan Of Bergenfield is ecstatic to bring you the details of this latest iteration of the king of crossover SUVs.

2009 Murano Pic 1
2009 Murano Pic 2
2009 Murano Pic 3
2009 Murano Pic 4
2009 Murano Pic 5

We’ve got plenty of news on the redesign, but one of the most important things to remember as you read the rest of this article is that with all the upgrades, the new 2009 Murano actually starts $1,500 lower than its predecessor! That’s right, in an aggressive move by Nissan, the Murano can now be had starting at around $26,330.

Now to the key features. Nissan has massaged its legendary VQ 6-cylinder engine (a member of Ward’s 10 Best Engine list for 13 years in a row) to 265 horsepower, and trust us, it feels even better than it sounds. You’ll also love the new dual-panel moonroof over your head, as well as the aesthetic upgrades like available 20″ wheels, quad-projection HID headlights and LED taillights.

You’ve also got some treats in store when you open up the Murano. The new interior is gorgeous, and makes the other vehicles in the Murano’s class look outdated. Mood lighting at night inside the cabin is a wonderful luxury, and the redesigned dash and steering wheel controls make multi-tasking easier than ever. Of course, you can pile on the tech treats all day long, with BlueTooth®, Navigation, DVD, and rearview camera.

It’s an amazing package put together by Nissan, and available in many colors and trims now at Nissan Of Bergenfield. Take a ride in this time machine and see how great 2009 is looking.

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The Hyundai Genesis Is Born!

With buyers still reeling over the Hyundai Veracruz beating the Lexus RX350 in a head-to-head comparison, Hyundai has rolled out yet another gem that promises to wow both country club members and accountants alike: the $30,000 2009 Genesis.

Hyundai Genesis 1

Hyundai Genesis 2

Hyundai Genesis 3

Hyundai Genesis 4

Hyundai Genesis 5

Crafted to meet or exceed the standards of much pricier vehicles from Mercedes-Benz and Lexus, the Hyundai Genesis is the premier luxury sedan for drivers who care more about their car impressing themselves than impressing others. And with an optional 368 horsepower on tap, you’ll be getting from A to B faster than a concierge can say “your reservations are ready”.

Hyundai also took great steps to give this car an appeal to younger buyers, a demographic that those German carmakers don’t seem to believe is worth catering to. So what is it about the Genesis that would interest a successful 30-something? How about a 500-watt sound system with 17 speakers, Navigation and satellite radio with real-time traffic updates, heated/cooled seats, adaptive headlights, push-button start, parking sonar assist and rear power sunshade. Just think of the Genesis as a goodie bag for grown-ups.

Contact Hyundai Of Paramus to find out when the Genesis will roll into our showroom!

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What’s your trade-in worth? You tell us!
January 1, 2008, 10:58 am
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One of the inevitable pains of car buying is trying to figure out how much you should get for your current vehicle as you trade it in. Obviously, you want the most for your car, whereas dealers want to pay as little as possible for it. There are plenty of factors that come into play, such as a consumer’s perception of sentimental value as actual value, or the fact that some cars just aren’t appealing to dealers as something they’d like to buy.

Let’s find something we can both agree on, yes? We’ve signed on with Black Book Online – the industry standard in wholesale and vehicle retail values – to provide our customers with an trusted third-party trade appraisal tool which provides estimates that dealers know will be accurate, as long as the customer submits accurate information.

So try our Black Book Trade Appraisal tool, and if your information is accurate, there should be no surprises when you come down to our dealership with your trade-in vehicle! The tool is also available on several areas of our Nissan Of Bergenfield web site.

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Happy Holidays!
December 24, 2007, 11:46 am
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Happy holidays from all of us at the JelMAC Auto Group! Just a note that our stores will be open December 31st until mid-evening, and New Year’s Day as well! What better way to start off the new year than with a sound investment in a new, exciting vehicle from our model lineup?! Put down that egg nog and come by for a test drive!

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Dodge Challenger: On Your Marks, Get Set, Pre-Order!

The pre-order option for the hottest of the hot rods has the green light: you can now order your 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Limited Edition from Dodge Of Paramus!

You can probably hear that 6.1 liter HEMI rumbling in your head… the legendary muscle car is reborn and on the retail horizon, and now is the time to solidify your spot for one of these limited edition Challengers with numbered dash plaques.

See for details here:

Or, contact our Dodge Of Paramus store today and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

Dodge Of Paramus
315 Rt. 4 West
Paramus, NJ 07652
Internet Sales: (800)617-8165
Receptionist: (201)488-9000
Email: Internet Director

Dodge Challenger

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Dealer Dictionary: “Sign-And-Drive”

“Sign-And-Drive” is an appealing proposition for many car buyers, but it’s come to our attention that between vague ads from auto manufacturers and overall confusion on the consumers’ part, the idea of a sign-and-drive vehicle purchase may be a hazy concept to some of our prospective buyers.

A sign-and-drive vehicle purchase is exactly what it sounds like: a purchase wherein the buyer simply signs the paperwork and drives off in his/her vehicle, without having to shell out a single dollar up-front. With the popularity of leases ever-increasing, many buyers have become fixated on achieving a low monthly payment number, and sign-and-drive is definitely not conducive to achieving this goal as it rolls in all taxes, fees, etc. into your monthly payment. So it’s not for everyone.

But, for many of us out there (myself included) who are confident that they’ve made a smart purchase which they’ll be able to afford, there is more appeal in having a higher payment and not having to write a check for thousands of dollars initially… and for those consumers, sign-and-drive makes the initial car buying process a lot more enjoyable.

Contrary to popular belief, sign-and-drive applies to both leasing and financing. It’s simply a decision made to roll all costs – the car, the taxes, the fees, everything – into your lease or finance payment, allowing you to walk into a dealership, point at the car you want, sign the paperwork, and drive away without seeing a bill until the next month when your payment stub comes. As previously mentioned, this does affect your payment: say for instance you’ve negotiated a $380 per month lease with “fees down”… fees down is a typical route taken by consumers, wherein you only pay your taxes, bank fee, and dealer/DMV fees up front. This still amounts to thousands of dollars, however, and so to roll that into your $380/mo payment as well, you could easily see a new payment of $440 per month. So that’s the toss-up… $380/mo with a couple grand paid at inception, or $440/mo to simply walk away with the car.

Where buyers sometimes get confused is by misunderstanding a “zero down” lease/finance with a “sign-and-drive”. Many customers become flustered when they realize their zero-down purchase actually requires several thousand dollars up front in taxes, fees, etc. Zero down refers to no money as a down payment, but the down payment on a vehicle is meant to reduce the expense of the selling price of the vehicle, not cover the taxes and fees. What makes things worse is that manufacturers often advertise “sign-and-drive” leases, which by definition, can not possibly be so… this is because manufacturers are advertising nationally, and don’t know your county’s tax rate, or your specific DMV/dealer fees, and so all their ads for sign-and-drive actually exclude the taxes & fees, just like a zero down option. So when you see “sign-and-drive” advertised by a manufacturer, it really means zero money as a down payment, and your taxes and fees up-front. Only your dealer can give you a true sign-and-drive option, and that’s only after you’ve decided on the exact vehicle, the county of registration, etc. In short, someone has to know your personal situation before being able to offer a true sign-and-drive deal.

So, is there anything else to think about when considering a sign-and-drive option? Well, if you’re financing a car and getting a special rate from the manufacturer (for instance, 1.9%, or something significantly below the national rate), it makes sense to put all your expense into the payment and utilize sign-and-drive. Why? Because in a nutshell, by rolling all your money into that payment, your dollars are being charged about 1.9% interest… if you had put some money down or spent it on the taxes & fees, then you would have saved that money from being charged 1.9% interest, but now you’ve lost those thousands of dollars you could have invested elsewhere. If you keep that money instead, and invest it in stocks, or even a CD or high-yield savings account, your money will earn much more than the 1.9% you’re losing by letting your monthly payment carry all of your purchase’s expense. It’s a lot to think about, but trust us, you’ll come out in the end a wealthier person.

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